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Success Stories

A Giant of a Man

S. Robinson was admitted to the facility in 2010, He was depressed, had a gastric tube, wounds and was a bilateral amputee. He was in his late fifties with a supportive wife. He cried all of the time, yelled out almost continuously. He was noncompliant, refusing to participate in therapy.

Within two months into his stay at Cumberland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center his attitude had changed. Due to the efforts of our nursing and therapy staff. The resident had started eating, getting out of bed and visiting with other residents.

Mr. Robinson was discharged home in another six months. He comes back almost every Sunday to pick up another resident who had become his best friend. This man who was once a frail, despondent, bilateral amputee is now a Giant of a man.

An Apartment of her Own

V. Hurst had been employee at our facility as an LPN years prior to her admission. She was admitted with a trach, feeding tube, and was unable to ambulate or do anything to care for herself. Through lots of verbal encouragement and personal contact from the nursing staff, things started to turn around for her. She continued to progress positively until she reached her ultimate goal. To return to an apartment of her own.

Ms. Hurst was discharged to her own apartment. She is able to ambulate with a walker, transfer herself and perform her own personal hygiene. She is a prime example of what can be accomplished with patience and great holistic nursing care.